Spiridessence sounds like: music for healing and meditation, reggae, conscious hip-hop, electronica, sacred resonance, jazz, classical, funkadelic yummies, tribal rock ya body now, WORLD, R&B, SOUL singin, HeartFULL music

The instruments and tools we use—

Guitar, keyboard, bass, drums, hand drums, our voices, crystal bowls, bells, shakers, rattles, tuning forks, MIDI, and more!


Our music is an eclectic mix of expression from the heart and soul.


Jacob and Emily


2 Responses to Music

  1. D. Schoeff says:

    Sounds really good bro.

  2. Seva Sound Healing Studio and Farm says:

    Hey Loves, we knows you all are on your own journies right now but we are just checking in still. If there is any way you can send us that song you shared with us in the past we can’t seem to find it. It is about “LOVE”. Here’s also a link to our friends, “Rahasya” who travel on tour to share Kirtan & Yoga. They have started including Rainforest Rescue into their project so if you all were also able to bring presence in some way through your expressions would be greatFULL .. Love you all!

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