Rev. Laurie Manning

“Emily and Jake are a delightful and unique couple. They are compassionate, authentic, and charismatic, and they bring the fullness of themselves to their music and healing practices. I have loved listening to, and collaborating with both of them. I have been moved by their sensitivity, warmth, and talent. They will make your hearts happy!

-Pastor Laurie Manning- Skyline Community Church Oakland, CA

David Gibson

“Emily’s voice is amazingly powerful- But she brings through energies that are much deeper than from a performance… It’s like she channels energies directly from Spirit.  Her overall energy is completely clean and clear.  She has done her work.  Coupled with her love, Jacob, the two bring together the essence of Universal love through their music. They are not only a pleasure to listen to, they create a healing environment where miracles just seem to happen.”

-David Gibson- Founder and Director of Sound and Consciousness Institute- San Francisco, CA

Japa Kaur

Jacob and Emily Marshall are two of the most evolved beings on the planet! Their radiance, joy, love, and beauty shines through in everything they do – most notably in their music and in their passion for the healing arts. Seeing them perform is nothing short of inspirational – to the core! At every note I feel uplifted, humbled, and incredibly impressed by their musicianship, grace, poise, maturity, and sheer level of excellence. They are a magical duo who will go far in their pursuits toward bringing healing, light, love, joy and peace to our planet. They are truly blessed in all that they do, and I personally feel blessed to be a part of their circle, either as an audience member, participant, or recipient of their healing work. Blessed are those who are touched by their magic. We are *all* truly blessed to have these two in our midst!

-Japa Kaur- Musician, Singer/ Songwriter, Kundalini Teacher, Author and Artist


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