Jacob’s Story

Jacob Marshall

Jacob’s musical journey began at the age of 6. After watching the film La Bamba “the true story depicting the life of the great Richie Vallens,” I was awe inspired and decided I wanted to play guitar. My Mom bought be a mini acoustic guitar from Toys R Us. I started taking guitar lessons at seven. At the age of 9 I remember hearing music within; songs and melodies would come to me. Music was therapy for me while I was growing up. Every couple weeks a new song would pop out. Music is an expression of how I feel. I would take my life experience and turn it into a song.

I stopped taking guitar lessons when I was fifteen. It was then, that I started to develop my own style and technique. I would make up chords and tune the guitar to altered tunings. I would hear a melody within and use the guitar to bring it into manifestation. I remember lying in bed and hearing a tune in my head and getting up to figure it out before I forgot it. In my teenage years I formed a band  with some of my close friends called Nataraja (the Cosmic Dancer- Shiva) Our sound consisted of psychedelic rock and funk, with some reggae ska rhythms. We played at local bars and house parties and had a lot of fun doing it! eventually, we all went our separate ways. During that time I taught myself how to play bass and drums. When I was nineteen I got interested in electronic music and started experimenting with MIDI. It was great- all I needed was a keyboard! With midi, I had hundreds of sounds, drum kits, and digital instruments. There were  practically no limits to  the kind of music I would create. At the age of 20, I had a revelation! Our Universe  consists of energy and vibration. Everything is in motion and moves in cycles. From the rotation of the Earth, sun, stars, and galaxies to the expansion and contraction of our heart and breath. Even down to the very atoms that compose us, we are in constant motion. What if I could figure out how to play the sound of light, water,  different chemicals? mmmmm, Is that even possible? Through years of research I found out it is indeed possible using physics, mathematics, and the principle of the octave. Scientists have mapped the resonant frequency of light, cells etc…We can translate those resonant frequencies into perfect harmonic sound waves with the same harmonic resonance. When our bodies come into resonance with these natural sound frequencies profound healing and transformation take place. My intentions and use of sound healing and music are rooted in love and light, and is truly for the goodness of ALL sentient beings.

My musical abilities continued to develop and grow in my early and mid 20’s. I was in a band called Unagi. We were a psychedelic, rock, funk jam band. We played at clubs, bars, benefit shows, and different venues all around the SF bay area. It was then I started to develop my improvisational skills. I love improvising  with a group of musicians, feeding off the energy in the room , and seeing what happens.

Since my Unagi days I have been recording and  composing music alone and with some  close friends. We have a huge selection of original songs ready to light up this World!

My interest in resonant frequencies led me to a sound healing program offered my Silvia Nakkach at CIIS in San Francisco. It was during that time that I crossed paths with the love of my life, Emily. She was also studying sound healing through the Globe Institute in San Francisco. Ever since Emily and I got together we have been writing songs and jamming out! Hence, we have created our project Spiridessence!


1 Response to Jacob’s Story

  1. Hannah says:

    You both have been on such amazing journeys, and are so blessed to have found what you are passionate about and what makes you happy. It is a blessing few people find in life unfortunately and I am happy that you both are able to create such beautiful music together!

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