About Emily

My musical journey began at the age of 11. My Grandfather gave me a piano and piano lessons and I  began playing clarinet in the school band. I never took practicing or studying music seriously until I was 16. It all changed when I heard the sound of classically trained singer at my piano teachers house. The sound moved me beyond words. My heart flung wide open, chills ran up and down my body and tears flowed like a river down my face. It was from that moment forward my heart became invested in studying and singing as a life career path. For the next 10 years I dedicated my life to be an opera singer.

I have studied music in Austria and Italy and have performed professionally for SF bay area companies. My studies have bared many fruits: a rich vocabulary and knowledge of music, an agile, flexible voice, the ability to understand/ translate/ and speak Italian, Spanish, German, and French, my ability to understand the intricate art of theater production, staging, design and SO much more! It was not until I was 23 in music school at San Jose State University that my life took a drastic shift.

At that time, I was diagnosed with the beginning stages of cervical cancer, emotionally wounded from unresolved traumatic family issues of substance abuse, and I felt soulless- empty, lost, and disconnected from my Spirit. I had the worst inner critic and found myself consistently beating myself up for not being good enough. I didn’t know how to love myself, I never learned how. Finally, I came to a breaking point. (which now I see as a GODis sent -*to put me on my divine path*) I decided to leave music school to do some much-needed  inner work to shed light on my wounds and heal. It was not until I let go and surrendered to everything I thought I knew and wanted untill I found my soul’s calling and path- One of divine love and service tied to the ONE.

Over the last 8 years I  have studied and been certified in a number of healing modalities including: Deep Tissue Miofacial release,  Swedish Massage, Chinese Tui Na Bodywork, Acupressure, Chi-Nei Tsang, 5 element Chinese Medicine Theory, Visionary Cranioscaral Therapy, Shamanic Healing Arts,  Sound Healing Therapy,  and Neuro- linguistic Programming.

I am currently the founder, Wholistic Health Practitioner and facilitator of Goddesss Resonance- a place where woman heal and empower their lives.  My mission is to aid woman in the healing process to reclaim their wholeness and connection to their divine selves. I am honored to be facilitating at Glide Memorial in San Francisco where I help woman heal and find answers from domestic violence, substance abuse, and homlessness.

It is such a blessing to be offering my services of love, music, and healing!

Cheers to the music and wholeness of your being!




2 Responses to About Emily

  1. Hannah says:

    wow, what an amazing journey you have been on! I am so happy that you have found what makes you happy in life. And are helping others with your gifts!

  2. Tomasa says:

    Hi Emily!
    Wow, I feel that much closer to you! What an amazing story! So authentic and so deep. Blessings abound!


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