Our Debut Album Lifting the Veil is avalible for download on Vibedeck

Our debut album Lifting the Veil is avalible on Vibedeck. You can download individual songs for $1.00 or the entire  album for $10.00! Go have a listen @

If you would like to buy a CD with cover art and all they are $13.00. You can email us at spiridessence@gmail.com with your info and paypal us.

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We have been busy in the studio recoding, mixing and mastering or debut album which will be out in less than two months! We have had the honor of being selected  to play music at Synthesis 2012  Dec. 20-23rd at the sacred mayan pyramid of Chichen Itza. Won’t you join us?

Synthesis 2012, invites you the heart of the Mayan civilization and home to the temple of Quetzalcoatl, the center of the 2012 Mayan myths and prophecies, on December 20-23, 2012, at the Piste Pueblo and Chichen Itza in the Yucatan. This 4-Day Global Gathering will bring together International World Music Groups, Electronic Music, dynamic Visionary Leaders, Spiritual Teachers and Shamans, the local Mayan community, Healing/Eco/Art/Eco Villages and International Visionary Seekers, in an unprecedented celebration to honor the ending of previous cycle of the Mayan calendar, and welcome a dawning of a new era of renewal, balance, and harmony.

Synthesis 2012 is in support of the Mayan Cultural Organization, hosting indigenous elders of the six countries in Central America to bring their “Special Message to the World,” and Earth Peoples United, whose mission is to bridge the wisdom of the Ancient Ones with the world of today. “The Maya are at the center of world focus with their Mayan calendar ending a 5200 year cycle, as well as the end of a 25,000 year old cycle, and many prophecies from around the world corresponding with it” said Michael DiMartino (festival producer). “They are re-unifying their culture and co-creating a message for humanity, a message of hope and transformation in these dark times.”

Synthesis 2012 will have worldwide focus, with ongoing Live Streaming, and will broadcast this once in a lifetime transformational celebration and planetary synchronization on http://Worldunity2012.com. Synthesis will make this forum available to the International Mayan Council, to broadcast to the world their “message of synchronization” and “spiritual insights for humanity.”

Go to: www.synthesis2012.com

for more information and to purchase tickets!

See you there!


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Coming together!

Humanity is at a time like no other. Planetary changes, social changes, personal changes ~ We are being served with a great opportunity… Now is the time for humanity to come together. Featuring spiritual master Panache Desai.

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Our New Website!

Welcome to our NEW WEBSITE! It is a great honor to have you here! Please explore around and if you like what you hear and see JOIN OUR BLOG! It is the SIGN UP TO STAY TUNED IN(top right there is a button to join) ======>

Below are a couple tracks for you to listen to! ENJOY!



Spridessence is Emily and Jacob Marshall along with collaborations from our global network. We are dedicated to transforming consciousness and raising awareness through music and vibration. We honor the divine within ourselves and within us all. Jacob and Emily Marshall’s love for each other and for the whole planet can be felt in their sound.

Jacob and Emily’s mission is to be of service to humanity by facilitating the healing and evolution of ourselves and our Mother Earth. Music is a catalyst for transformation by spreading truth, information, inspiration, and positive vibrations. It  is up to each one of us to make the commitment to ourselves to be the change we want to see in the world. We embrace and play a wide array of musical styles and genres; from: funk, jazz, reggae, world,conscious hip-hop, electronica, music for meditation, and classical to name a few. We welcome the chance to work with innovative artists with the same vision.We offer our services of sound and music for recording projects/ songwriting, film scoring, concerts/festivals/special events, weddings and sound healing workshops. Let us know how we can resonate with you!


Jacob and Emily

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